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Fine Art

Illustration and photo montage compositions.

Hummingbird  -  Sea Turtle  -  Honey Bee  -  Leopard Frog   
Tick Tock  -  Fractal Dance  -  Millenniumorphasis
Glass Rocket  -  SNAPS from the Collage Garage

Kinetic Collage(TM)

Kaleidoscope images created from Kinetic Collage video projections.

Kaleid #5  - Kaleid #6  - Kaleid #7  -  Kaleid #12
Kaleid #15  -  Kaleid #16  -  Kaleid #17  -  Kaleid #18

Multimedia performance art, captured from live Kinetic Collage video projections.

Image #1  -  Image #2  -  Image #3  -  Image #4  -  Image #5

View 12 Kinetic Collage video clips at my You Tube postings

Please note: there is no music track on the first 10 video clips

Graphic Design

A selection of logo designs.

JumpMaster  -  Qualcomm  -  Blues Bash  -  Bistro D'Vine


Commercial Art

Principal theme illustrations developed for marketing campaigns.

Direct Mail Postcard #1  -  Postcard #2  -  Postcard #3  -  Trade Show Banner


Love Street Light Circus and Feel Good Machine

Flyer arts created for Houston Rock & Roll club (circa 1968 - 1969). This is where I got my introduction to light shows by performing with Jelly Wall Eyes Pack (JWEP).

LS flyer 1  -  LS flyer 2  -  LS flyer 3  -  LS flyer 4  -  LS flyer 5



Greg Lloyd creates vector illustrations and high resolution bitmapped paintings
for clients' print media, multimedia, and web projects.

This collection of digital art is a small sample of his total work which includes:
pen & ink drawings; oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings; and,
Kinetic Collage(TM) multimedia performances.

Greg shares a workspace with spousal unit, Catherine, and two supervisory
cat units - Cosmo and Bosco. Check out our family portrait.

Contact Greg Lloyd: greg@greglloydstudios.com

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